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Your portal to a new way of teaching!

Welcome to www.dramasupport.co.uk


Drama Support has been made possible by theLily Green Foundation, working in conjunction with Trafalgar lighting and Back Stage Shop.

The website is here for Drama teachers around the world, to gain access to master class theatrical videos and tutorials, which you can use free of charge as part of your lessons

We welcome any feedback you have to offer, as well as general comments and suggestions, as we will keep creating videos on a weekly basis.

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The Lily Green Foundation;

“To seek out ways to create paid work experience and long term employment for young people"

The Lily Green Foundation was founded on February 29th 2012 Its purpose is to create a window of opportunity for young unemployed graduates, who find themselvesdue to the current economic climate, unable to find work due to their lack of experience. We are seeing so many of these fresh, young, optimistic people being let down as they come to realise, the job market is tougher than it seems, with so many people not even gaining interviews, let alone full-time, paid employement.

The Foundation has allowed us to employ some of these young graduates, give them responsibility, creating these videos,and a wage giving them time and opportunity to gain vital experience within the industry.




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Drama Support Founded by the Lily Green Foundtion